Woman Steals 2 Police Cars in Chase

A reckless driver led the police to a wild goose chase ending in Philadelphia last Tuesday, after the  suspect allegedly stole two police cruiser in a getaway try,

The chase started after a Camden police halted the traffic. During the confusion, a man and a woman riding in one of t he hated vehicles sneaked out and entered the cruise of the Camden officer..

In their attempt to flee from the scene, they hit the office who was in another cruiser who was immediately transported to the area hospital due to leg injury.

A 10-minute pursuit followed with the two scoundrels making their exit across the Bridge of Benjamin Franklin and into the Center City Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police were able to disable the stolen police cruiser.

While the police were arresting the male suspect, the female counterpart was able to escape and stole another cruiser of the Philadelphia police.

Eyewitnesses were a chaotic pursuit where several cars were damaged by the wild woman. She was finally caught by the authorities in the section of  the city’s Northern Liberties,

It was quite a feat for two people to steal two police cruisers right under their noses. Injured in the process was one police officer and one by stander with several cars damaged.

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