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Speeding Tickets

As cash start Pennsylvania municipalities look at their budget for the coming year, one of the sources for revenue traditionally, has been driving infractions. One of the most important sources of revenues for these townships is people paying speeding tickets.

Red Light Tickets

In Pennsylvania, you can be issued a traffic ticket for running a red light in two ways: if the police see you run the light and issue you a ticket, or if you are caught by a red light camera and are sent a ticket in the mail.

Stop Sign Tickets

75 Pa.C.S.A §3323 is entitled “Failure to Stop for Stop Sign.” This section indicates that if you are found guilty of a stop sign violation throughout Pennsylvania, you will receive not only a fine but an assessment of three points on your driver’s license.


Before you simply pay the fine for your traffic ticket, be sure to consider the kinds of penalties you will be facing. Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can mean that, in addition to your expensive fine, you could have points added to your driving record, have your insurance premiums increased, or even have your license suspended. These penalties can be very difficult to face, which is why you should not automatically pay your fine without considering your options first.

Instead, contact one of our experienced Pennsylvania traffic ticket attorneys after you receive your ticket. Our attorneys know the best way to approach your ticket and can help you prepare for your traffic court hearing. By pleading not guilty and presenting your case to a judge, you have the ability to convince the judge to greatly reduce your penalties, or even to dismiss your ticket and the charges against you.

If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault you may need to consult with a Philadelphia accident lawyer who can best help with your case.

Why Choose Us ?

The fines you could face for a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket can be as high as $100, depending on how fast you were going when you were pulled over. But the penalties do not stop there. Under Pennsylvania traffic law, you will also have points added to your driving record for each speeding or traffic ticket. The number of points also varies based on how fast you were going. And as points accumulate on your driving record, you may also face additional penalties, such as a mandatory driving exam or even having your license suspended.

Because these penalties are so steep for a simple traffic ticket, it is in your best interest to plead “not guilty” to your ticket and to have your case heard in traffic court. This is where your Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyer can be of great assistance to you. We can help you prepare a strong defense that will be able to prove to the judge that you do not deserve the full extent of the penalties for your traffic ticket, even if the police officer who wrote your ticket is also in court to explain his or her side of the story and why they wrote you a ticket.

Police officers can make mistakes, and your attorney will help you find evidence to show that you do not deserve the full extent of your traffic ticket if the police did indeed make a mistake. For example, methods of calculating speed, such as radar or laser speed trackers, can produce faulty readings.

Red light cameras sometimes catch the wrong cars, and officers sometimes think that cars have run stop signs when the car did in fact come to a complete stop. Your attorney can sort through this information and help determine what the best defense will be for your traffic ticket.

Be sure to contact us as soon as you receive your traffic ticket, either by calling us at 610 624 1900 or by contacting us on our website. We are available to help right away and will help you avoid the incredibly steep penalties that come with a Pennsylvania traffic ticket. In the event you had an accident that was not your fault contact our partners philly accident attorney.


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