Woman from Delaware arrested for 3rd DUI charge

Oceanview – A woman from Delaware was arrested by the police for committing her third DUI when she came back to the scene of a car fire she believed she has started.

It was a little before 11:50 o’clock Saturday evening when troopers helped the team from State Fire Marshall’s Office in securing the scene of a car fire that they believed was intentionally set at the Fraternal Order of Eagles located at No. 35083 in East Atlantic Ave.

Surveillance video was able to take footage that identified Doreen K. Bowman, age 58 and resident of Ocean View as the suspect. She was seen going back to the club, after she was stopped by a police officer who was securing the scene.

An odor of alcohol was detected by the police and when Bowman was asked for her ID, she reportedly gave a false name.

Later, police were able to identify Bowman for she had a warrant in circulation for Offensive Touching. Police ordered her to exit the car, but instead she drove further into the parking lot and made an attempted U-turn to leave the scene.

Police was able to stop Bowman and physically brought her out of the vehicle and placed her in custody.

Bowman  is now facing the following charges: (1) 3rd Offense for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol; (2) Criminal Impersonation; (3) Resisting Arrest; (4) Failure to Have Insurance in Possession; (5) Failure to Have License in Possession; and (5) Offensive Touching. She was confined to the Women’s Correctional Institution of Delores J. Baylor in lieu of secured bond of $3,351.

Based on records, the offensive touching charge of Bowman is the result of an Oct. 28th incident on Ashland Dr. in Ocean View, when she grabbed a 58-year-old woman and pushed her to the ground during a fight.

Any witness who has added information on the vehicle arson is requested to call the police.

The woman from Delaware has already been convicted twice for drunken driving in the past two years and this time would be her 3rd arrest – a new DUI charges plus another after police said she set a car on fire.

Last Monday, Del State Police stated the arrest of 58-year-old Doreen Bowman resident of Ocean View after they responded to a car fire at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Ocean View.

While they were in the midst of investigating the fire, police Bowman returned to the club and was then arrested after giving a false name and smelling of alcohol.

Bowman as to face multitude charges: (1) third DUI charge; (2) offensive touching during a fight last month with another woman; and (4) arson and use of an incendiary device.

Despite all these cases, it is not known if Bowman already hired a defense attorney.

Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com

Source: Chron Com


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