Traffic Court in Philadelphia is gone

PHILADELPHIA - If you wish the traffic courts in Philadelphia to vanish, then your wish is granted. Today, Governor Thomas W. Corbett has signed a bill that will vanish traffic court pronto!

This is the consequence of the scandal which happened several months ago after a number of current and ex judges were arrested and convicted in an alleged ticket- fixing case.

It was the opinion of critics of the court that corruption is so much rooted that it is beyond reforming. The functions and duties of traffic court are transferred to the municipal court

It was an unsavory fact that the Traffic Court of Philadelphia reeked with political corruption.

At last thorough cleaning of the corruption is finally done today as Governor Corbett affixed his signature on the legislation that moved the duties of the Traffic Court to the Municipal Court.

As soon as possible, all the duties and function of the Traffic Court are under the supervision of Municipal Court. The complete transfer of duties and functions might take weeks or some months.

The legislation was sponsored by State senator Dominic Pileggi who is R-Chester County).

Erik Arneson, spokesperson of Pileggi said that the Municipal Court will be hiring hearing officers to manage traffic cases, There will probably five to seven sets as it was in the Traffic Court.

Until its holder will expire by the end of the year, two other Traffic Court seats will be eliminated. Meanwhile those temporarily remaining Traffic Court judges will be under the supervision of Municipal Court.

Arneson added that two more judges will be hired by the Municipal Court ; however, he anticipated hearing officers will decide most traffic cases.

When the bill became a law, traffic court has to be eliminated for practical purposes but its amendment from the constitution will be around 2015.

Pa. State Senator Dominic Pileggi that Pa. Governor Tom Corbett affixed his signature on No. 334 senate bill which is now a law on the morning of Wednesday.

It was R- Delaware Sen. Pileggi who vigorously proposed bill into the house last January after an investigation by the FBI that led to serious criminal charges for alleged ticket-fixing.

The scheduled judicial election of traffic court will now be canceled.

There was also an accompanying bill which was also approved to remove the creation of the traffic court from the state constitution. This measure needed the second round of approval from both House and Senate to be discussed in the next session then if approved will need referendum.

This spring, federal authorities accused nine concurrent and ex- Philadelphia traffic court judges of corruption as fixing tickets for family, friends and political connections..

According to Sen. Pileggi the sensational accounts about the corruption of the city's traffic court were reasons good enough to abolish it.

For the last 50 years, the Traffic Courts of Philadelphia Traffic has been the cradle of one scandal after another which were sometimes criminal in nature and others are of corruption.

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