Traffic patterns are about to change drastically at the interchange of Interstate 83 and Route 581 in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, according to PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis. Crews are planning to set up signs above I-83 informing drivers of the change. The installation of these signs may cause up to 15 minute traffic stoppages.

Drivers can expect the following changes:

Wednesday, 5/21

  • Northbound I-83 reduced to a single lane
  • New ramp opening from I-83 North to Lowther Street in Lemoyne (Exit 41-B), and the closing of the old ramp


Thursday, 5/22

  • Southbound I-83 reduced to a single lane
  • Creation of a work zone along existing I-83 South shoulder to reconstruct and widen road
  • Southbound traffic to Lowther Street on I-83 will have to exit at Exit 42 for Lemoyne

Tuesday, 5/27

  • 15 minute traffic stoppages while crews put up signage trusses

Wednesday, 5/28

  • Exit 6-C off of Eastbound Route 581 will be used to get into Lemoyne — this exit will exit along with traffic to I-83 South
  • Stop sign replaced with a yield sign at the bottom of Route 581 East ramp to I-83 South

The work is designed to eliminate tight areas of traffic on this interchange. Any ramp movements are permanent, and the project is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2015. Drivers who plan on using this interchange over the next year need to be aware of traffic conditions, changing traffic signs, speed limits, and work zones in order to avoid getting traffic tickets.