Shooting Victim Crashes on Broad Street

June 2, 2013

A man who was shot multiple times crashed along Broad Street after losing control of his pickup truck and colliding with another vehicle.

Police say that the crash happened around 6:50 Sunday evening along North Broad Street and Glenwood Avenue in North Philadelphia. Reports state that a Ford F=150 pickup was traveling northbound when it crashed into a SUV causing the truck to flip over at least four times.

Police say that the unidentified 35 year-old male was shot around 8 times in his upper body. Authorities say that he was headed to Temple Hospital at the time of the accident. He was later taken to the same hospital in critical condition.

Clarence Cooper who was also driving on Broad Street said, "It was a dumb move but I understood his move. He was shot. He was trying to get medical help."

According to him he was almost hit by the collision. His car was hit by a flying tire from the pickup truck.

Witness Trevor Rouse said that he heard an initial bang and then four more successive bangs that were caused by the flipping.

Other witnesses ran and found the driver crawling out of the truck. He had a number of injuries but not all of them were from the accident.

Two women in a Porsche were taken to Temple Hospital for minor injuries. Another victim, a 24 year old-woman was also taken to the hospital for a possible broken finger. A pregnant woman was also rushed to the hospital for head and neck injuries.

Witnesses of the accident say that the truck was going at around 80 mph when he ran the red light causing him to hit the SUV where the pregnant woman was inside. The woman is recovering and is in stable condition.

Police are still investigating where the shooting occurred and the events that lead to the car crash.

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