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On August 12, 2012, a new law takes effect which required young people from the ages 16- and 17 who are applying for their motorcycle licenses to take and complete the Pa’s motorcycle safety training.

Governor Tom Corbett who desired to safeguard young lives, signed Act 84 last July 2 which required teen bikers to complete a safety training program before applying for a driver’s license. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program's (PAMSP) Basic Rider Course (BRC) is offered in more than70 sites all over state. The program is free and available for all Pennsylvania residents.

BRC program offers an introduction to fundamentals of safe and responsible motorcycle operation. It consists of 15 hours of classroom and riding instruction - five hours is for classroom lectures and 10 hours on the field. These 15 hours can be deducted from the 65-hours on-the-road training required for riders under 18 years old who have a motorcycle learner's permit. After a young rider completes the course, he/she will receive a certificate of completion card. Young riders can even be tested for their motorcycle license at the end of the PAMSP training.

Interested bikers can get information by logging to their websites. The program also includes motorcycle safety info, videos and testimonials from graduates.

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Source: DMV State Pa. US

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