Pennsylvania’s Bicycle Laws

With the soaring price of gas, people are starting to look at the bicycle as the best alternative transport to reach a destination.

PennDOT is reminding motorists to observe bicycle safety law. Drivers must leave bikers a four-foot distance when passing on the left. For Pa. Governor Tom Corbett, this law is another attempt to enhance safety on Pennsylvania’s road and encourage the use of the two-wheel contraption when the distance is feasible.

However, there were constraint raise regarding this law. According to come motorists, vehicle operators are allowed to cross the road’s median line to accommodate the four-foot space. But as it is, crossing the road’s center line is only allowed if the permitted if traffic in the opposing lane permits the encounter to be safe. Other complaint stated that the law mandates drivers who are taking a left turn to give way to bicycles and also to be wary against operators who cut off a bicycle when executing a right turn.

Pennsylvania is the 19th state to require an obligatory minimum space requirement given to passing bicycles. Due to the rising gas price, more and more motorists are setting their eyes on the two-wheel contraption to bring them in the most economical way to their destination. The minimum four –feet distance has never been included before in any Pa. traffic laws.

Furthermore, PennDOT are addressing all bikers to exert all reasonable effort not to cause obstructions in the smooth flow of traffic on any road. The law encourages vehicle motorists and bikers to respect each other and follow all traffic rules that are for every road user’s safety.

Law enforcement agencies should deal with one of the main areas of concern that is; prior to passing a bicyclist and giving way to the four-foot space, every motorist should keep an eye on the incoming traffic. However, there are reports that drivers, as a matter of course, usually cross the median line while passing other vehicles. The law is depending on the cooperation of drivers and bikers to follow traffic signs and signals for the safety operations of vehicles and bicycles.

Both vehicle and bicycle operators have the duty to know and follow these laws as part of their privilege in using state roadways.

In a capsule, there are duties of a biker: (1) To follow all traffic rules as other vehicles such as giving way to pedestrians; following traffic light signs; going the same direction as the flow of the traffic; and paying attention to signal turns. (2) To ride on the right side of the road; (3) To ride no more than two beside each other; and (4) Not to ride on sidewalks of a business area.

The relationship of motorists and bikers is based on tolerance and on courtesy. God drivers and bikers practice good road etiquette.

Motorists would do well by realizing the following facts: (1) Bikers, like all other motorists, have the right to use the road and observe all traffic laws; (2) Since Pennsylvania does not have enough bicycle lanes, cyclists do not have enough lanes to use; and 3) For Pa drivers and bikers, follow Pennsylvania’s Driving Manual and use your common sense;



In another way of explaining the law, a car has to slow down allowing safe time to pass a cyclist. The law obviously grants pedal cyclists more privileges and motor vehicle operators more obligations. Vehicle drivers and bicycle riders have the obligation to know and follow these laws as a part of their  privilege to use state roadways

Most often bikers experienced the terrifying sensation when vehicles are speeding through them with just inches away from doom. Now this danger is a thing of the past; as Pennsylvania state law strictly ordered motorists to keep a space of four feet between the vehicles and the bikers. If the giving of space is difficult, then they have the option to wait for the biker to pass. This law includes the prohibition for a vehicle to execute an abrupt right turn in front and on the path of a cyclist.

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