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As another of the busy county seats in Pennsylvania, York has several major roads leading into it and out of it, which produces occasional traffic jams and aggressive jockeying as motorists try to make an appointment or get home in time for dinner.

With its proximity to Baltimore, York also hosts vehicles that are in a hurry to escape from the law, as recent high-speed chases on I-83 have again proven. I-83 is not the only highway that can make driving in the York area a challenge; Routes 30, 74, 124 and the Lincoln Highway can all become clogged and dangerous.

If you get caught in the mob rushing to or from York, you know that it can be easy to get a traffic ticket for speeding or running a red light. In large packs of vehicles, it is not hard to lose track of your speed, and even easier to attempt to be the last person through a yellow light at an intersection. As we all know, sometimes that light turns red before we get there.

Rather than assume that you are guilty of your alleged violation, you should think about your options. The fine might not be too large in the short term, but it could cost you exponentially in the long term if points are added to your driving record or your insurance premiums balloon.

Reflect on these sample questions before paying your fine and admitting guilt, in the case of speeding: 1) Are you 100% sure that the police officer recorded an accurate measurement of your speed? S/he might still be learning how to operate the delicate and sensitive gun used with modern LIDAR technology. 2) Was your speed recorded using VASCAR technology? If so, the stopwatch might have been punched by an inexperienced user. 3) Was your speed recorded by radar? That radar might have been in need of calibration for several years.

These are just three of many questions that can be raised by a competent York speeding ticket lawyer. S/he might be able to prove in court that the police officer lacked training on how to use a LIDAR gun, or that the VASCAR machine was mishandled.

Before admitting guilt by paying your fine, call for a free consultation to explore ways that you can challenge your ticket. If you decide to contact an attorney after you put your check in the mail, not even the finest York traffic ticket attorney can help you!

Here’s another unpleasant surprise that you want to avoid: if you already have points on your driving record, a few more could put you over the legal limit and result in your license being revoked. If that happens, you not only won’t be able to drive, you could lose your job. Many employment contracts have a clause requiring a valid driver’s license for continued employment, so a traffic ticket could push you into the unemployment office in York.

Instead of ending up in that predicament, call for a consultation and let a York traffic ticket lawyer assemble a possible case for you. A trained York traffic ticket attorney can become your powerful ally in your fight to defend your driving record and avoid a hefty fine or worse.

The money you could spend on a York traffic ticket attorney’s fee will be more than recompensed by the savings in fine amounts, higher insurance premiums and possible lost wages. Getting a reduction in your fine--or even your case dismissed--will save you up to thousands of dollars over the next few years. Don’t hesitate: contact a leading York traffic ticket lawyer.

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