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What should you do if you get a traffic ticket in Port Royal? You may be upset or frustrated at first, but it is very important that you pause long enough to consider your options before making any spur of the moment decisions about your ticket. You need to understand exactly what violation you are being accused of committing, what the consequences of your particular traffic ticket are, and what different options you have in terms of addressing your ticket. Then, you need to call a Port Royal traffic ticket lawyer to assist you with your case. They can talk to you about your options and discuss the best way to handle your traffic ticket.

First, it is important to understand how traffic violations are punished under Pennsylvania law. Like many other states, Pennsylvania uses a points system to penalize people who have committed traffic offenses, and the number of points per violation roughly corresponds to how serious that violation is considered to be. The points assigned for speeding are good examples of how the system works.

The faster you speed, the more likely you are to cause an accident and hurt someone, so the more points you get added to your record.

Speeding six to ten miles per hour above the limit results in two points; eleven to fifteen over results in three points; sixteen to twenty-five over results in four points; and above twenty-five over results in five points on your record. Other common violations and their point values are: running a red light or stop sign (three points), improper passing (three points), or failure to yield (three points). Once the points are on your record, they stay there and are added to any other violations you receive.

When that total reaches six for the first time, you’ll have to take an exam about safe driving. The second time your record hits six points, you’ll face having your license suspended for fifteen days on top of taking the exam. And the third time you get six points on your record, you will have your license suspended for thirty days and be unable to drive yourself around freely.

Also note that DUIs do not result in points added to your license, but do result in hundreds of dollars in fine, six months on probation, and required traffic school and alcohol treatment.

If you have looked at your options and decided that you do not just want to accept these penalties as inevitable, be sure to call your Port Royal traffic ticket attorney. You have the right to plead not guilty to your ticket and to have your case presented before a judge in the district court that serves Port Royal traffic ticket cases.

When your case does make it before a judge, expect to have to tell your side of the story and to listen to the police officer who wrote your ticket tell their side as well. As a general rule, judges tend to believe the police unless the defendant has a skilled lawyer representing them in court. This is why it is important to call your lawyer before your court date so you can start building a strong defense and go in prepared.

Also, your attorney will have access to records you might not be able to access that will strengthen your defense in court. These records could show that the speed gun that said you were speeding got a false reading, or that you had just barely entered the intersection while the light was still yellow.

By presenting a strong defense to the judge, you are more likely to have those harsh penalties reduced or even to have your traffic ticket dismissed completely. But don’t wait -- if you’ve gotten a traffic ticket in Port Royal, call our offices today to get in touch with an experienced traffic ticket attorney today.

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