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What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Oreland? There are certain steps that you can follow once you get your traffic ticket, but you should be aware of the different options before you do. Some people mistakenly think that they can just pay the fine from their ticket, thinking that that will take care of it for good. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania traffic laws have more penalties than just the fine that go with traffic tickets, so just paying the fine will not have it taken off of your record.

Your best chance of getting the ticket taken off of your record entirely is to have the case heard by judge in the Magisterial Court in Springfield Township (which covers traffic cases from Oreland) . But going into court without an Oreland traffic ticket lawyer representing you means that you could lose your chances. Judges tend to only listen to strong defenses by an experienced lawyer -- otherwise, they will just assume that the police officer who wrote your ticket was right to do so.

Fortunately, strong defenses are not difficult in traffic cases, because there are often legitimate reasons for why people commit traffic violations. Sometimes people cannot see the stop sign, yield sign, or speed limit sign until it’s too late for them to do anything about it. In other cases, the police officer who issued you a ticket for speeding might not have been trained or qualified to use the speed gun. These and other defenses can result in the judge lowering your penalties or even dismissing your ticket altogether.

Other than DUIs, which use different penalties, traffic violations in Oreland and across the state use a points system. This means that aside from any fines you are expected to pay, you will also have to have points added to your driving record. How many points you get will depend on the specific traffic violation. Some common examples are speeding, which will result in 2 to 5 points depending on how fast above the speed limit you were going, or running red lights or stop signs, which results in three points under Pennsylvania law.

More serious offenses, like hit and runs or not stopping for an unloading school bus, will add five points to your record. Once the points on your record add up to six (which can clearly happen very fast), you will have to take an exam to test you on your knowledge of safe driving in Pennsylvania. If you get another six points total, you could have your license suspended for fifteen days on top of the exam, and a third time of getting six points means that you will have your license suspended for thirty days. This can be a real problem if you rely on your car for transportation.

The way that DUIs differ is that they do not use points. But the penalties they do use are even steeper. A single DUI offense, even if it is your first, means that you will have to pay a $300 fine, spend six months on probation, and face alcohol rehab and even traffic school. On a second offense or if your blood alcohol content was really high, you will spend time in jail as well as the other penalties, including an increased fine.

If all of these penalties seem like a high price to pay, know that you have options. Getting in touch with an Oreland traffic ticket attorney is an excellent place to start, so that you can start building your defense. Do not wait, because it is important to have time to be prepared before your court date.

Your lawyer will be there to represent you, even if you cannot attend yourself, and will work to get your penalties reduced or have your ticket dismissed altogether. Our attorneys’ knowledge of the Pennsylvania court system and traffic laws will make them invaluable to you as you fight your ticket.

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