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Recently voted one of the most affordable suburbs in the U.S., Montgomeryville, Pa., continues to draw residents who want to get far enough away from Philadelphia that they have a feeling of retreat and haven in their town. Apparently, many do, because this 5th most affordable suburb continues to expand in population.

Located about 30 miles from downtown Philly, the roads in and around Montgomeryville can get quite congested during morning and evening commutes. I-476 runs down the state just west of town and the Pennsylvania Turnpike draws millions of cars every year a few miles south of the city limits.

The Five Points area in Montgomeryville have long been a busy transportation area, and it sometimes takes as much time to get out of town as it does to scoot down to Philadelphia. In these jam-packed roads that see heavy usage because most people keep the same work hours and leave home around 7 and return around 6, it can be almost effortless to glide along in traffic and lose total track of your speed.

Likewise, as you fall into a long column of cars, you can easily run a red light if the line stops and starts and leaves you in the middle of an intersection after the light has changed from yellow. Even if you think that you are completely guilty of running a red light or of speeding, you should wait and reflect before mailing in your fine and admitting your guilt.

There are two good reasons to hesitate before putting an envelope in the mail or paying online: 1) Points could be assessed to your driving record, which will trigger higher insurance premiums; 2) If you are near the maximum points allowed on your record, even a couple of points could cause you forfeit your license and possibly even lose your job;.

Consider these possibilities, which a good Montgomeryville traffic ticket attorney will raise with you: 1) The charging officer was using a very delicate new LIDAR gun without the proper training. S/he pulled the trigger on this sophisticated piece of equipment, which uses laser beams to bounce light rays off your vehicle, and when it was pulled, the gun pointed down to the road surface. This lack of accuracy yielded a completely false reading of your speed. 2) The officer used VASCAR technology to record your speed. The only problem is the stopwatch linked to the computer was not properly maintained over the past year. Furthermore, the officer had little to no training in the use of this technology and was not re-certified in the past six months.

These are just two of many possible glitches in your case that a skilled Montgomeryville speeding ticket lawyer can bring to the surface. A good Montgomeryville traffic ticket attorney will use the legal right to discovery to uncover all sorts of records that could have a bearing on your case. The average layman has no idea how to go about doing this, and many obediently pay their fines even if they were improperly charged and never knew it.

Avoid the domino effect of paying your fine and perhaps adding points to your record. If you have had previous traffic violations, you could be near the state limit for points. If so, one more violation could put you over the top and cause you to lose your license.

Check your employment contract; many of them require a valid driver’s license to continue employment. If you lose your license due to sheepishly mailing in your fine, you could be in for several rude surprises. The larger insurance bill will be another double whammy that you will not appreciate.

It’s much better to hire a quality Montgomeryville traffic ticket lawyer to dig into your case and do what is necessary to get your fine reduced or your case dismissed. The best speeding ticket lawyers are able to do this on a regular basis due to their knowledge of the legal system and of the many loopholes in traffic ticket jurisprudence.

Call for a consultation and let a Montgomeryville traffic ticket lawyer review your case and produce a list of possible tactics that can be used to win the day in court. That way, you will hang on to your license, keep points off your record, and keep your insurance rates from skyrocketing.

The money you will invest in a skilled Montgomeryville traffic ticket attorney will have a nice return on your outlay, for years to come as you pay your insurance bill and maintain a good driving record.

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