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It’s just five miles from Philadelphia, but you feel as if you are in a different world as you fly down Route 13, almost home after a long day of work. The windows are down on a pleasant evening, the music is loud and you are enjoying the performance of your vehicle.

You couldn’t be happier, until … you see the swirling red lights in your rear-view mirror. A Delaware County police officer has not shared in your joy, but he has noticed that you are breaking the speed limit. Before you know it, you are being handed an expensive ticket.

This could happen just as easily on Lansdowne Avenue as you come into town but do not brake quickly enough to match the lower speed limit.

In either case, you get a “gift” that keeps on taking--a traffic ticket that comes with a hefty fine.

What now? Pay the ticket and admit guilt? No! Get in touch with a Lansdowne traffic lawyer and fight back.

A Ticket Often Costs Far More Than a Fine A traffic ticket in Lansdowne is not something that ends when you mail in your payment or click online and debit your account. The consequences of a speeding ticket can last for several years as points are tacked on to your record and your insurance premiums see a big jump. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is not shy about adding points if you speed, and if you have a spotty driving history with earlier violations, the added points can put you near or over the maximum allowed by law. A simple speeding ticket could result in your license being suspended or revoked.

Furthermore, if your employment contract has a clause stating that you must have a valid driver’s license to continue employment (as many do), you could lose your job over one speeding ticket. That’s not fair or just.

A traffic ticket can grow into something much larger than you anticipate, even if you think payment of your fine closes the matter. That makes it all the more important that you defend yourself.

Exercise Your Rights in Lansdowne Pennsylvania’s point system is unforgiving, but just because you were given a ticket does not mean that you are completely guilty. You have the legal right to plead innocence and to face the evidence.

Challenge Your Lansdowne Traffic Ticket in Every Case You should challenge every speeding ticket in Lansdowne even as you plan to learn from your mistake. Part of that lesson does not mean meekly submitting to authority and paying your fine without any questions raised.

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Get Your Traffic Ticket Fine Reduced or Your Ticket Dismissed The bad news is that you got a ticket because you lost track of your speed for a moment. The good news is that a Lansdowne traffic ticket lawyer can guide you in many directions to avoid a conviction.

A traffic lawyer in Lansdowne will examine technicalities that can help your case and lead to a reduction in fine and points or a dismissal. Human beings make mistakes and machines do too. Improperly tuned and calibrated radar guns are sometimes used, and officers that lack credentials and training sometimes use them. Procedures are not always carefully followed, either. In other words, many weak points can be identified in the case against you.

A skilled Lansdowne traffic ticket lawyer will look at all of these factors and others to argue on your behalf and get your fine reduced or your case dismissed.

Hire a Lansdowne Traffic Ticket Attorney / Lawyer When you decide to fight your ticket, realize that you will need a lawyer with an understanding of local traffic laws and the legal system that far surpasses your own.

Traffic court is no picnic. It is serious and necessitates professional conduct from everyone present. The Lansdowne area police officer that you will face understands this and will draw on many hours of experience in court to make the ticket stick. You will need a strong ally to meet this challenge and make your side heard.

Fighting Tickets in Pennsylvania Is All We Do Whether your ticket in Lansdowne was an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, we can assist you. If you need a DUI lawyer in Lansdowne, we can step in and provide expert help as we draw on years of experience in persuasive argument before a judge. You don’t even have to be present if your workplace does not give you the time off.

As you try to find a traffic ticket attorney, look for one that specializes and concentrates on traffic offenses, not one that takes such cases as a side job. You need a lawyer that defends drivers like you every day.

Reasonable Fees A small investment in a Lansdowne traffic ticket lawyer will pale in comparison to the long-term costs that a traffic ticket can bring. Our reasonable fees can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience.

FREE Consultation It won’t cost you anything to consult with a Lansdowne lawyer about your possible case. In our FREE phone consultation we will give you an honest assessment of your situation. Contact a Lansdowne traffic lawyer today to help you guard one of your most valuable possessions: your driver's license.

We handle all traffic violations in the Lansdowne area including:


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