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No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket, but in Hustontown, you have options to fight your traffic ticket by taking your case to the Magisterial Court that hears traffic violation cases from the town . Many people choose to do this because of how easy it is to get a traffic violation -- in fact, most people have gotten a ticket at least once in their lives. Traffic tickets are also being issued more regularly these days as more and more local governments are using them as a way to get some income.

This means that police officers are trying to write more tickets than before and are less willing to let smaller offenses slide if you get caught. Going to court to have your case heard is your best chance at getting your penalties from your ticket reduced or even having your ticket dismissed. But if you try to go without a skilled Hustontown traffic ticket lawyer there to represent you, you’re going to have a hard time of it.

Judges usually tend to believe the story told by the police officer who wrote your ticket unless you have a rock solid defense, which is extremely hard for you to develop on your own. Having an experienced lawyer on your side, though, will make it much easier to present an argument convincing enough to get the judge to decrease your penalties. Sometimes traffic violations happen because someone set up a speed trap right at the bottom of a hill, where you are likely to be going faster, or they happen because signs can’t be seen until it’s too late.

Your attorney can provide evidence to show the judge that this was the case, and the judge will be much more likely to treat you leniently. But if you have never gotten a traffic ticket before, you may not know what kind of penalties you are facing. In fact, you may make the mistake of thinking that you can basically get rid of your ticket if you just pay the fine. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania law attaches more than just the fine to your traffic ticket. The points that accompany your traffic violation will stay on your record long after you pay the fine, which is why it is worth your while to try to get those penalties reduced.

The way the point system works is that for every traffic violation, there are a certain number of points that will get added to your driving record if you commit that violation. Running a stop sign, for example, will add three points, but passing a school bus unloading kids will add five points because it is a more serious offense. Furthermore, these points add up on your record after a couple of violations and have negative consequences for you.

Six points on your license will require you to take an exam reviewing basics of driving safety. Another six points will land you with the exam as well as fifteen days of having your license suspended. Yet another six points will mean your license will be suspended for a whole month, severely limiting your freedom. DUIs do not use the point system, but they have steep fines and other serious consequences that last beyond the fine getting paid. A first offense will get you that $300 fine as well as mandatory alcohol rehab, traffic school, and six months of probation.

You can add on jail time as well as steeper fines if it is not your first offense or if your blood alcohol content is especially high. You may not be willing to face these extreme penalties simply because you committed a traffic violation or two. If so, get in touch right away with your Hustontown traffic ticket attorney so you can start building your defense to present in court. Our skilled lawyers are ready and waiting to help you fight your traffic ticket.

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