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People coming into and leaving the state capital of Pennsylvania are often in a hurry. They might need to see a state official, make contact with a state agency or simply take a tour of the capitol building. Those same people are often in a hurry to leave Harrisburg, either because their appointment ran late or they live hours away.

Interstate highways and expressways cut across and beside Harrisburg in several places. Traffic on I-81 rolls across the north end of the city and vehicles on the Harrisburg Expressway zoom across the south end. Both of these highways are filled with drivers rushing to be on time for a rendezvous or to see their kids before they tuck in for the night. Popular I-83 runs down the east side of the city and also hosts hundreds of thousands of vehicles trying to get around the city and onto roads to home.

On these crowded roads, it’s easy to lose track of your speed or get caught up in a pack of vehicles and accidentally run a red light. It’s also easy to justify speeding, because a few minutes late to the capitol building and you might lose your chance at a year’s funding for your project.

You might feel like you’re guilty before anyone tries to prove or disprove your innocence, but you really should weigh your options before simply mailing in your fine. Not only will that fine take a nice chunk out of your checking account, it could mean points assessed to your driving record, which could lead to much higher insurance premiums.

In other words, the fine you pay is often only the start of the charges that you will incur for your alleged speeding or other traffic violation. Besides, are you sure that the police officer got an accurate reading of your speed, or is s/he still learning how to use the LIDAR technology that has recently come into vogue? Did s/he clock you at precisely the right speed or was s/he a bit too quick in pressing the stopwatch as part of VASCAR technology?

If you don’t have any idea what LIDAR and VASCAR are referring to, then you absolutely need to hire a Harrisburg speeding ticket lawyer to help you. S/he might be able to discover discrepancies in your case that could save you money, time, points on your record and steep hikes in your insurance rates.

Before admitting your guilt by paying the fine, call for a consultation to explore your options in dealing with your traffic ticket. Call before admitting your guilt by paying the fine; after you seal that envelope and mail it in with your check, no Harrisburg traffic ticket attorney can help you!

Here’s another nasty surprise that you want to avoid: if you have accumulated points previously on your driving record, you could be in danger of losing your license. If that happens, you not only will be unable to drive yourself where you need to go, it could even cost you your job. Many contracts have a stipulation in them requiring a valid driver’s license for employment. Paying a speeding ticket could actually mean you joining the ranks of the unemployed. No fine is worth that, especially when you consider how hard it is to find a job in our sluggish economy.

Call for a consultation and let a Harrisburg traffic ticket lawyer review your case and help you to decide if you want to plead “not guilty.” Let a trained professional who knows the law guide you as you seek to preserve your driving record, disposable cash and keep your job. You will gain more than you pay, and your chances of obtaining a reduced fine and penalty skyrocket when you hire a competent Harrisburg traffic ticket attorney.

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