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You’ve finally gotten closer to Darby after another long day working in the city. You are wheeling around Route 13, not far from home. You aren’t thinking about the speed limit, only how good it will be to see your family and relax.

Then, your positive vibe changes completely as you notice the swirling red lights in your rear-view mirror. A Delaware County police officer has noticed your freewheeling ways and is pulling you over for speeding.

This type of scene can take place on Main Street too, where it’s easy to forget to slow down immediately as you enter the city limits of Darby.

Either way, you end up with a “gift” that keeps on taking--a traffic ticket and a hefty fine.

What now? Pay the ticket and admit your guilt? No! Contact a Darby traffic lawyer and fight back.

A Ticket Often Costs Far More Than a Fine A traffic ticket in Darby is not something you simply pay and forget. The effects of a speeding ticket can last for years as points are added to your record and your insurance premiums rise. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation routinely adds points to your record in such cases, and if you have an uneven driving history with previous violations, the additional points can put you near or over the maximum allowed by law. In other words, a simple speeding ticket could lead to your license being suspended or revoked.

And, if your employment contract requires that you have a valid driver’s license to continue employment (as many do), you could even lose your job over a single speeding ticket.

A traffic ticket can evolve into something much larger than what you bargained for, even if you think that putting the check in the mail will close the matter. Unfortunately, the PDOT will take action and your insurer will too, making it even more important to defend yourself.

Exercise Your Rights in Darby Pennsylvania’s point system is rigorous, but just because you have been charged with speeding does not mean that you are fully guilty. You have the right to plead innocent and to face the evidence in court.

Challenge Your Darby Traffic Ticket in Every Case You should challenge any speeding ticket in Darby that you get. You will learn from your mistake, but part of that lesson does not have to be years of paying for it.

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Get Your Traffic Ticket Fine Reduced or Your Ticket Dismissed The bad news is that you were given a ticket for a moment of inattention. The good news is that you can take one of many approaches to avoid a conviction.

A traffic lawyer in Darby can take on your case and look into the technicalities that can lead to a reduction in fine and points, or perhaps even a dismissal. Human beings make mistakes, as do machines when they detect speed. Equipment that needs to be tuned and calibrated is sometimes used, and officers that are not fully trained in using speed detection equipment sometimes use it anyway. In addition, procedures are not always followed as they should be. There are many possible weaknesses in the case against you.

A good Darby traffic ticket lawyer will examine all of the factors mentioned above in an effort to get your fine reduced or your case dismissed.

Hire a Darby Traffic Ticket Attorney / Lawyer As you decide to fight your ticket, look for a lawyer that understands local traffic laws and how the legal system works, two areas of knowledge that you lack.

Traffic court is no holiday at the beach. It is just as serious and official as any other court and requires professional conduct from all participants. The Darby area police officer that you will face in court understands this and will appear with an organized approach based on many hours of experience in court and a determination to make the ticket stick. You are going to need a sharp team around you to meet this formidable challenge.

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Fighting Tickets in Pennsylvania Is All We Do Whether your ticket in Darby was an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, we can help. If you need a DUI lawyer in Darby, we can meet that need and provide expert assistance. We draw on years of experience in court to present your case persuasively, with or without your presence if work does not give you time off.

As you look around for a traffic ticket attorney, try to find one that focuses on traffic offenses and defends motorists like you every day.

Reasonable Fees A small investment in a Darby traffic ticket lawyer will be a bargain when compared to the long-term costs that a traffic ticket conviction can bring. Our fees are reasonable and we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience.

FREE Consultation It won’t cost you a dime to talk with a Darby lawyer about your situation. As part of our FREE phone consultation we will give you a frank assessment of your possible case and help you to decide if you want to pursue it. Contact a Darby traffic lawyer today and guard one of your most precious possessions: your driver's license.

We handle all traffic violations in the Darby area including:


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