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Up the Schuylkill Expressway you fly, happy to escape the traffic congestion in Philly and on your way home. The windows are down, the music is loud and you are psyched to see your retreat in Bala Cynwyd and leave the noisy city behind.

Wait. What’s that in the rear-view mirror? Are those flashing red lights and screaming siren what you think it is? Yep. A Montgomery County police officer was not impressed with your getaway plan that included driving several mph over the posted speed limit.

Or, you are cruising along Belmont Avenue, ever nearer to your home. Even though you’ve been on Belmont Ave thousands of times, you neglected to slow down as much as you should.

In either case, you have earned a traffic ticket with a hefty fine.

What now? Pay the ticket and admit guilt while learning a lesson? No! Contact a Bala Cynwyd traffic lawyer and fight back.

A Ticket Often Costs Far More Than a Fine A traffic ticket in Bala Cynwyd is not a pay-it-and-be-done-with-it matter. The effects of a speeding ticket can linger on and on as points are added to your record courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and your insurance rates are jacked up for several years by a nervous carrier. If you have a spotty driving history, the added points could put you closer to the limit that could lead to losing your license.

And that will mean more than a big embarrassment and hassle—it could lead to job loss if your contract requires you to have a valid driver’s license for employment, as many do.

In other words, a traffic ticket can evolve into something much bigger if you just pay it and admit your guilt. You might forget about it, but PDOT and your insurer will not. That’s why it’s vital that you defend yourself.

Exercise Your Rights in Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania’s point system is tough, but just because a police officer says you broke the law does not mean automatic guilt. You have the right to plead innocence and confront the evidence in a court of law.

Challenge Your Bala Cynwyd Traffic Ticket in Every Case You should definitely challenge any speeding ticket in Bala Cynwyd that you receive. You should learn from your mistake, for sure, but you should also look into every possible defense to keep the damage of your one slip-up to a minimum.

Get Your Traffic Ticket Fine Reduced or Your Ticket Dismissed The bad news is that you earned a ticket. The good news is that you and a good lawyer can pursue many angles to avoid a conviction.

A traffic lawyer in Bala Cynwyd can help by checking into your case, its circumstances and the technicalities that can lead to a dismissal. Human beings make mistakes with speed detection, faulty equipment is used, and sometimes procedures are not correctly followed in traffic ticket cases. There are many reasons why you can be found not guilty or guilty with a lesser punishment.

A good Bala Cynwyd traffic ticket lawyer can work to successfully get your fine reduced or your case dismissed. S/he will work hard to ensure that your side is heard and that your day in court goes well.

Hire a Bala Cynwyd Traffic Ticket Attorney / Lawyer After you choose to fight your ticket, you will want to find an ally that understands traffic law far better than you do. A good Bala Cynwyd area traffic ticket attorney can navigate the legal system for you; that’s his/her job.

Traffic court is not an informal setting. It’s just as real as any other court and demands the utmost in professional conduct by anyone who appears there. You will find yourself opposed by a Bala Cynwyd area police officer who has written hundreds or thousands of tickets and has been in court many times to make sure that the ticket sticks. You will need a strong ally to match that focus.

Fighting Tickets in Pennsylvania Is All We Do Whether your traffic ticket in Bala Cynwyd was an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, we can help. You might need a DUI lawyer in Bala Cynwyd if you were drinking and driving and face additional charges. We pledge to bring our best to the court room and make the fight fair. We know the rules and procedures and have much experience in presenting cases persuasively, with or without your presence if getting a day off work is not possible.

As you seek out a traffic ticket attorney, look for one that focuses on traffic offenses alone and defends drivers like you every day.

Reasonable Fees Compared to the long-term costs of your traffic ticket, a small investment in a Bala Cynwyd traffic ticket lawyer will prove to be a bargain. Our fees are reasonable and we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience.

FREE Consultation It won’t cost you a dime to talk with a Bala Cynwyd attorney about your situation. Get one of our FREE phone consultations and receive an honest assessment of your situation at no charge. Do your best to protect one of your most valuable possessions--your driver's license—by giving us a call.

We handle all traffic violations in the Bala Cynwyd area including:

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