9 Mar 2021
Pennsylvania House of Representatives Approves a Measure to Disband Philadelphia Traffic Court

The House of Representatives in Pennsylvania joined the State Senate to abolish the allegedly corrupt Philadelphia Traffic Court by a vote of 117 to 81. State Senator Dominic Pileggi sponsored the measure¬† through Senate Bill number 33 which approves the abolition of the Philadelphia Traffic Court from the state constitution. A further initiative sponsored by […]

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6 Mar 2021
Prospect District Court 32-2-44

The Pennsylvania court system has many layers, with each different type of court handling different kinds of cases. District courts, for example, exclusively handle traffic offenses, summary criminal offenses, landlord tenant disputes, small civil claims that are under $12,000, and municipal code violations. Because these kinds of offenses are so common, the district courts are […]

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4 Mar 2021
Glenolden District Court 32-2-40

If you have been charged with a summary criminal offense or a traffic offense, you will need to be prepared to attend a hearing about your case in district court. The district courts in Pennsylvania are also called magisterial courts, and they can be found throughout the state, often with several in each county. The […]

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3 Mar 2021
Brookhaven District Court 32-2-39

Under the Pennsylvania district court system, you may have been summoned or notified to appear in your local court because you were arrested or received a citation for a certain kind of offense. The district courts hear in the state commonly handle traffic violations, such as driving with a suspended license, failure to yield, speeding, […]

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2 Mar 2021
Upper Darby District Court 32-1-34

Pennsylvania has several different kinds of courts, and the most common kind are district courts (also referred to as magisterial courts). Each district court, which is presided over by an elected judge, represents certain wards, townships, or boroughs within the various counties of Pennsylvania. Delaware County, like other counties in the state, has numerous district […]

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