New traffic safety campaign for Philadelphia

Philadelphia, through its Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the launching of a campaign, entitled, Drive Right, Ride Right, Walk Right. The goal is to remind motorists, drivers, cyclists, bikers and pedestrians to be always alert for safety as they go around Philadelphia. All clear messages are posted on prominent place as   bus shelters, terminals, buses and subways cars all over Philadelphia started end of February. The signs are clear and meant to call attention to safety.

For the last decade, there was a seeming decreased when it came to accidents involving cyclists which reduced by 50%; still a pedestrian hit by vehicle in Philadelphia in every four hours is an alarming rate. Mayor Nutter stated that Philadelphia’s economic cost of traffic accidents goes beyond the sum of $1 billion a year. It is beyond counting if you want to tally personal costs of traffic tragedies; it cannot be calculated. This campaign is in line with Philly attitude that an ad is a very powerful medium to express a message.

Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities, Rina Cutler noted that education, engineering and enforcement play an essential role in improving traffic safety. The message is deliberate and strong. They want to give special attention to pedestrians for everyone is a pedestrian as you walk the street from time to time. They are focusing on the most risky and annoying antics of cyclists. They also need to tell drivers to keep city streets safe by driving as if it is a highway. The ultimate message is to have everyone come home safely.

The funding for h campaign which was about $125,000 campaign came from Pen-DOT and will be running throughout the spring. There were ads displayed at least in 65 busses, 50 bus shelters all over the metropolis and more ads at Market Frankford Line and Broad St. Line subways. The ads are intended to catch the attention of people on the road.

Jenny M. Robinson from the Manager of AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Public and Govt. Affairs said that her agency is proud to support the City of Philadelphia in its serious effort to secure lives and create highways that are safe for motorists and pedestrians. This exciting campaign must be supported by all as it clearly stressed the important responsibility of bicyclists, drivers and pedestrians to share the road in the safest way. All people need to be fully attentive; learn to slow down, and avoid getting distracted while on the road.

Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Alex Doty added that when the person on the road fails to follow the rules of the road, it will be following by cascading bad behavior that will make the road a danger zone for everyone. A campaign for road safety has long been needed in Philadelphia and he is optimistic that the campaign will go a long way toward changing the mindset of bicyclists, as well as other road users. To have road safety, it is important for all to play a part.

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Source: City of Philadelphia Word Press Com


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