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To safeguard Pennsylvanian lives, Governor Tom Corbett announced that two voluntary programs are launched by PennDOT which are: Yellow Dot Program and Emergency Contact Information Program. The two programs shared a common objective to save lives during emergency situations.

In the Yellow Dot Program, the participant is made to fill up a program form with complete medical contacts and medical information. The form is placed inside a folder and kept in the car’s glove compartment. The participant will place a dot yellow sticker on the rear window of the vehicle. In case of emergency, like a car crash, the rescuers know that there is a program inside the glove compartment with the necessary information.

In the Emergency Contact Information Program, motorists with Pa. driver's license and ID issued by PennDOT have the privilege of logging their relevant personal information into a secure database where they placed two names of emergency contacts. Motorists can update the information as they are subject to change but data are only for the eyes of law enforcement officials. In case of emergency, law officers can use the owner’s ID to get contact info.

The Yellow Dot program is used only for vehicle crashes but the Emergency Contact Information Program is utilized for every emergency cases. Philadelphian motorists are invited to join both programs by logging into their websites.

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Source: DMV State Pa. US

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