Norristown District Court 38-1-01

If you are facing a hearing in a Montgomery County district court, you need to have an experienced attorney to assist you with your case and help you understand the process of your hearing or summons. Because we have years of experience practicing law and representing clients in Montgomery County, our attorneys are well equipped to represent and defend you during your court appearance.

In Pennsylvania, district courts (also called magisterial courts) are responsible for summary criminal offenses, criminal arraignments and preliminary hearings, traffic violations, municipal code violations, civil claims below $12,000, and landlord-tenant suits. There are twenty nine different district courts in Montgomery County. In fact, most offenses that individuals face will be heard first in district court. Your lawyer will work with you on your particular claim and help you prepare before your court date so that you have a strong, solid defense.

Norristown District Court
Norristown is the county seat of Montgomery County, with nearly 35,000 residents. There are multiple district courts in Norristown. District Court 38-1-01, located in Norristown, serves individuals who live in East and West Norriton Townships. The Hon. Judge Ester J. Casillo, a magisterial judge, presides over the court. The courthouse is located on 160 West Germantown Pike, Suite D5, in Norristown. The phone number for the court is 610-272-3029, and the fax number is 610-272-5080.

In Judge Casillo’s courtroom, you may have been summoned for a traffic ticket, a preliminary arraignment or hearing in a criminal case, a bench warrant for failing to appear, or for a non-jury trial. Common offenses heard in district court include shoplifting, DUIs or DWIs, driving with a suspended license, speeding tickets, harassment, or underage drinking. No matter how minor or serious the offense, it is in your best interest to be well prepared for your hearing, so that you do not have to face penalties or punishment.

Jail time or expensive fines can obviously pose an enormous burden on you and your loved ones -- for example, even a summary criminal offense can result in up to ninety days in jail and a $300 fine. But even a simple traffic ticket may have consequences for you and your family if your license is suspended and you cannot drive yourself where you need to go. Any notification or summons to the district court should not be taken lightly, given the consequences it may have for you. Working with an attorney on a well prepared defense is your best chance at ensuring that your rights and interests are protected in your hearing or trial. Our attorneys will fight zealously for your best interests in Norristown district courts in order to have your sentence or fine decreased, or even dismissed altogether.

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There is no reason not to reach out to our attorneys prior to your court date. Our office seeks to assist individuals in situations just like yours and have done so for years. We know the ins and outs of the Norristown district courts and can bring our knowledge and experience to your unique case. If you have been summoned or have received notification to appear in Judge Casillo’s courtroom in Norristown, contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible so that we can begin preparing your case.

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